"Sakura Sunset is a start-up team specializing in art-oriented apparel design founded in 2021 by a group of creative individuals with a great passion for art and costumes with 2 key goals: prestige – quality"

  • Vision:

In the next 5 years, Sakura Sunset  will become one of the leading art fashion design companies.

  • Mission :
- All the products that Sakura Sunset sells are Made-To-Order, which means each piece is unique as all of our clothes are handcrafted. This also limits wasted production as Sakura Sunset doesn't mass produce anything. From the concept stage to the launch of each design, Sakura Sunset team put a lot of effort and love into the creation of each collection

- While hoodies have been around for years, designers have never had access to technology that allows them to design and print in vibrant, inspiring colors and intricately detailed designs. Sakura Sunset has partnered with the world's leading printing technology factories. Sublimation printing technology allows us to create premium artwork for our amazing customers.

- Made from biodegradable microfiber polyester and eco-friendly ink, our products are both eco-friendly and high-fashion. Each product is hand pressed and individually inspected. Design prints never crack or fade by time and stay as new as the day you bought them!

- Our hoodies are made with an ultra-comfortable fit that will keep you warm and cozy without heavier fabric weight.

- A cloak or blanket is a perfect gift idea for Christmas and holidays, a great present for all ages, all shapes and sizes.
  • Main values:

- All artwork is authentic, original and exclusive of Sakura Sunset. Our products are handcrafted for each order. Sakura Sunset ensures a response time under 24 hours. Sakura Sunset strives to guarantee 100% satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to let us know anything that makes you feel unsatisfied and we'll be happy to give you a full refund.